Granite, Quartz or Marble for Your Rental Home

Granite, Quartz or Marble for Your Rental Home

One of the main goals of owning any property is to generate money from it. That is also one of the most important reasons why you should select the right materials. If you are living in a rented home, then the last thing you should do is to live in an outdated home. You need to be very careful about the choices that you make.

If you are the owner of a rental property or you are a property manager, you must be aware of the taste of tenants that has changed entirely over the past few years. Due to this, it is becoming quite difficult for the property owners and managers to rent out an outdated bathroom or kitchen. That is why it is vital to select the right material for the countertops.

This post is especially for those who are planning to renovate their home, but at the same time, they are confused about selecting the right material for their kitchen and bathroom countertop.

The best material for your rental home

Following are the three most common materials that you can choose from when updating your rent home:

  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Marble

Is quartz better than granite?
When it comes to renting homes, one thing must be kept in mind. Most of the tenants who reside in the rental homes can be very rough on the inside of the house, apartment or condo. It is not because they are actively engaged in damaging the interior of the house, but it is because with time the things can get damaged and wear off automatically. It is especially common when there is a regular turnover in tenants. That is why it is vital to choose a durable material when it comes to rental homes.

Speaking of durability, quartz and granite can be the best options. However, granite slab countertops are sometimes costly, and hence they can become a significant investment. No doubt they are great but can be very risky if you are planning to use it for rental properties. They aren’t only expensive but also need regular protection and upkeep. Moreover, they are also not stain-resistant. That is where the importance of quartz kicks in.

Quartz is one of those materials that shine. It is comprised of quartz crystals that are covered in a mixture of resin. Quartz is not only durable, but it is also hard, and it is almost difficult to break it. These properties make it the best for rental homes. The presence of resin also makes it stain-resistant. Moreover, it also makes it scratch resistant. The best feature of quartz is that it is unlike granite countertops; this material doesn’t require regular maintenance and upkeep.

However, if there is any area where quartz doesn’t perform well is under heated conditions. Quartz countertops are not good at handling hot pans. You can cause discoloration of your quartz countertop and even it is cracking. On the other hand, you can place hot pots directly on the granite countertops.

Thus, if you are planning to use quartz countertop, you need to inform your residents about it and how it should be treated when it comes to heat. The best way is to use a hot pad or hot pan. A trivet can also be helpful.

Following are some of the reasons why quartz countertops are better than granite ones. These reasons will help you in choosing between granite, quartz or marble for your rental home.

Reason#1-Quartz is more affordable than granite
The first reason why quartz is better to use for your rental home is that it is more affordable than quartz. Granite is one of the most expensive and valuable materials available out there when it comes to countertops. If you are going to live in your own home, then granite is no doubt the best option. However, if you own a rental property, the most economical option is quartz. Quartz is not expensive as compared to granite countertops. Thus, it makes it a perfect choice for the kitchens of your rental homes.

When it comes to rental properties, another reason why quartz is the better option is that your renters won’t be able even to tell the difference. That is because most of the quartz designs resemble much like that of granite. By using quartz, you can get a durable and great-looking home that can attract your tenants.

Reason#2-Quartz is crack free
Quartz is also a crack-free material that makes it perfect for your rental homes. It doesn’t only save you from the trouble of worrying about your home, but it also keeps your tenants worry-free. Moreover, it is also beautiful, functional and economical.

Is marble better than granite and quartz?
Let’s talk about another common and popular stone you frequently see in most of the homes. There are many uses of marble that includes flooring, cladding, stairways, walkways, kitchen and bathroom countertops and many others. Marble is also used in making sculptures and decorative construction. One of the most famous places where you can see marble is in the creation of “Taj Mahal” in India where white marble is used.

However, when it comes to the construction of rental homes, you need to consider various factors and know the properties of marble. The first factor that is important to consider while using marble in rental apartments in its durability. You need to check whether the marble is hard and dense enough to withstand pressure and handling rough usage. The bad news is that marble is less durable than both granite and quartz. Thus, it is not ideal to use in rental homes.

The second factor you need to consider when it comes to rental homes is the porosity and stain resistance of marble. Marble is much porous if we compare it with granite. It can absorb wine, vinegar and lemon, which can cause a permanent stain on its surface. Over time, the colour of marble also fades away gradually. Thus, marble is less resistant to stain than granite and quartz.

Another factor is heat and scratch resistance feature of marble. Marble is not a good conductor of heat as compared to other stones. Due to this reason, it is considered ideal for flooring as it remains cool irrespective of the temperature and climate. Thus, it is the perfect choice to use for homes that are built-in hot and arid climates. Moreover, marble is also less scratch resistant if we compare it with quartz and granite. Even if you drop a heavy item on marble, it can get severely damaged. Therefore, it is not an excellent choice to rent homes.

Then comes the feature of fire resistance. Marble is not a flammable material and is fire-resistant.

However, overall, marble is not an ideal material for rent homes.

Some pros and cons of quartz
Quartz countertops come with many pros and cons. Look at the following benefits of quartz to know more about it and make your decisions easy.

  • Quartz is durable and flexible that makes it less likely to crack.
  • It is a non-porous material that doesn’t require sealing. You can get a maintenance-free kitchen that is excellent for rental homes.
  • Quartz is indestructible and stain-resistant. You don’t need to worry about dropping a wine glass on it.
  • It is affordable that makes it perfect for rental homes.

The only drawback of quartz is that exposure to sunlight can cause its discoloration. If any part of your quartz countertop receives strong sunlight, you may experience a discoloration. However, that is not big trouble, and you can overcome it by using a light-colored counter.

Some pros and cons of granite
Following are some of the pros and cons of granite:

  • Granite doesn’t have a uniform appearance and colour. Many homeowners consider it a benefit, while some might consider it a disadvantage.
  • You need constant maintenance of granite and seal it frequently.
  • Granite is durable; however; it is not indestructible. Granite is a natural rock that means you can easily break it or chip it. However, if it is properly maintained, they can last for a long time. When it comes to rental homes, it is difficult to fulfill this condition.
  • One of the most prominent drawbacks of using a granite counter is that it is almost impossible to hide the seams in it. You need an excellent fabricator to hide the seam.
  • Another drawback of using a granite countertop is that the ones you see at the shops can be a bit different from the ones you receive. That is because even a full slab of granite can vary in color from different places.

Some pros and cons of marble
Just like granite, marble is another great stone for making countertops and floor coverings. This material is heavy, hard as well as scorch proof. The unique aspect of marble is that it comes in a massive variety of patterns and colors. Since marble is created in nature just like other stones, it can experience extreme pattern and color variations.

  • The first benefit of marble is that it looks gorgeous due to its glazing properties. The aura of its beauty makes it perfect to use in kitchens.
  • One of the most significant drawbacks of marble is that it is much expensive as compared to granite and quartz. That is why you shouldn’t use it in your rental home.
  • Another drawback of marble is that it is heavy and at the same time, it is more prone to damage as compared to other materials. It is also difficult to replace it and maintain it. However, if it is well-maintained, it can increase the overall value of your property and can attract potential buyers.
  • Marble is highly prone to staining that is considered as its biggest drawback.
  • Marble can be long-lasting if you keep it in the right conditions. However, those conditions are difficult to meet when it comes to rental homes.
  • Marble is also a delicate material. It can be cracked and damaged easily.
  • One of the reasons why many homeowners love marble is because it is a unique material. You will not find any two types of marble that are same. Thus, you can have a unique and entirely organic countertop at home.
  • Lastly, marble can degrade over time and requires constant upkeep. Therefore, you need to think twice before installing it in your rental home.

A comparison of cost of Granite, Quartz and Marble
First of all, let’s compare the price of granite and quartz and then we will move to marble. The price is granite is lesser than that of quartz. The price of entry-level granite can fall anywhere around $40 per square foot. On the other hand, the cost of quartz is around $70. Likewise, high-end granite as goes as high as $200 per square foot and the cost of quartz is about $170 per square foot. If you estimate an entire quartz counter that is usually 28 feet, your price can add up to $3000. In the same way, you can also calculate the cost of granite.

Here, keep in mind that the price of each of these materials can vary depending on its source and origin. Moreover, there are various types and qualities of stones as well according to which the final price can vary as well.

Marble, granite and quartz are fantastic materials for making beautiful countertops, floor and wall coverings and backsplashes. All of these are unique stones and requires significant investment. While the aesthetics of your home is essential, we would highly recommend you to care more about the durability and cost of the material before installing it in your rental home. Thus, before getting a material, ask yourself if it is strong? Cost-effective? Heat and stain-resistant? And does it suit the lifestyle? So, ask yourself these questions, take help from our guide and get the best material for your rental home!

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