How To Clean And Maintain Waterproof Vinyl Flooring?

How To Clean And Maintain Waterproof Vinyl Flooring?

If you are looking for affordable but functional flooring that’s easy to install then you might want to give vinyl a shot. Vinyl flooring can come as luxury plants or off a roll but don’t confuse it with cheaper materials like linoleum. A waterproof vinyl flooring will not bubble and peel like cheap linoleum. While laminate flooring contains some wood, vinyl flooring is 100% synthetic. The most commonly used vinyl flooring right now comes in solid planks that easily snap together and look like wood.

Cleaning Tools To Have On Hand:

  • Handheld vacuum
  • Sweeper or stick vacuum
  • A mop (sponge, spray, or string all work fine)
  • Floor cleaner
  • Buffer sponge or pad
  • Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar

Cleaning Vinyl Floors
When it comes to cleaning hard flooring, remember that dry cleaning always comes before wet cleaning. You can vacuum or sweep the floors regularly to remove dirt, dust, hair, or any other debris. When moving furniture out of the way be careful not to scratch the floors. You can use mats or slides to protect the floor.
When it comes to mopping, a great natural floor cleaner is apple cider vinegar. You’ll get cleaning power without a waxy buildup you can get with other soaps. You can mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with a gallon of hot water. If you need to disinfect the floor because you have pets or small children crawling around, you can substitute plain white vinegar. You can also use floor cleaner meant to be used with vinyl flooring.

Removing Stains And Scuff Marks
You can use a ph-neutral floor cleaner to remove stubborn stains. Avoid abrasive scrubbing tools or chemicals that could damage your flooring. If you’re having trouble with a stain, make a paste from water and baking soda, apply the paste and rub with a rag. Finally, clean the area with a damp cloth and then dry.
If you notice small light scratches or scuffs on the floor you can buff them out using a buffing pad or sponge. Large areas of damage can be replaced professionally if needed. Use area rugs to help protect floors in living spaces that get a lot of use.

Preventing Damage To Your Vinyl Floors
These floors are built to last and are often the first choice for young families with children and pets. Besides basic cleaning there is very little you need to do in order to maintain them. They are not fully indestructible though. You’ll want to take a few precautionary measures to keep them looking great.
Scratching the floors is the biggest concern. To avoid scratches keep pet nail trimmed, do not walk on the floor with high heels, use mats in heavy traffic areas, and do not drag furniture or toys across the floor. If you avoid scratching the floors and keep them clean and dry then they should last you a long time even in a busy household.


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