Keeping Carpet Clean and Well Maintained In The Home

Keeping Carpet Clean and Well Maintained In The Home

It’s a battle for the ages, some people love carpet and some people would rather have hardwood throughout their home. While trends come and go, carpet has remained a home decorating staple over the years.

The Benefits Of Carpeting Your Home
Carpeting is inexpensive compared to other flooring options. It can also make a home a lot quieter as the material stifles noise. It can also give the home a cozy feel and feels great in your bare feet. Carpeting hides dirt better than hard floors and it comes in a lot of colors and styles to personalize your home decor.
On the flip side, carpet can be difficult to clean and attracts spills and stains. Once it starts wearing out it then it can start looking bad quickly. The trick to great looking carpet is keeping it clean and maintained. Here are some quick tips on cleaning your carpets.

Cleaning Carpets In Your Home
Carpet hides dirt but that’s both a blessing and a curse. A dirty carpet can become smelly, dingy, and cause allergies to flare up. Vacuuming once or twice a week can remove up to 75% of the dirt from your carpet. A standard upright vacuum is best for large areas, while you can use a lightweight cordless or handheld vacuum for stairs.
When a spill happens, quickly soak up as much liquid as you can. Dab the wet area but do not rub as this can spread the stain around and ingrain it into the carpet fibers. Blot with a cloth towel or paper towels. Then spray with club soda which is great for pet accidents, tea, red wine, and even coffee spills. Dab again with a clean cloth. You can also find carpet stain removes for specific problems such as pet accidents.
Deep cleaning is a good idea once in a while no matter how clean you keep your carpets. You can rent a carpet steam cleaner once or twice a year for a good cleaning. You can also hire a company to professionally clean your carpets once a year or just before you sell your home.

Additional Carpet Maintenance Tips

  • If you notice a snag in your carpet you can clip it off with a pair of scissors. This will prevent the snag from being pulled and becoming worse.
  • Get a good doormat for wiping feet before coming inside. You can have a mat at the front door as well as the back dor. This is especially important in the winter to knock off snow and salt from your shoes.
  • Don’t wear you shoes inside the house if you can help it. Shoes can wear that carpet out faster.
  • Keep pet’s feet clean and their nails trimmed to keep the carpet from snagging.

If you keep your carpet vacuumed regularly and deep clean every so often then you can keep your carpet looking great for years.

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