Popular Backsplash Ideas in 2020

Popular Backsplash Ideas in 2020

A backsplash is an ideal way through which you can make your kitchen eye-catching and express it in the best way possible. The main purpose of a backsplash is to keep your kitchen wall safe from water and moisture. However, backsplashes are also used as the focal point of the kitchen these days. From chic vintage to primary, there are plenty of designs and styles available these days that you can use to make your kitchen appealing.

Here are some unique ideas that you can avail to upgrade your kitchen backsplash in 2020.

Idea#1-Wooden Backsplash
The trend of wooden floors and wooden backsplashes is trending once again. If you want to give your kitchen a classic look, then wooden backsplash can be a fantastic option. When it comes to wood, the best option is beadboard. It is only lightweight, but it is also durable and versatile, which makes it ideal for backsplashes. Even if you don’t paint it, the wooden backsplash can be a perfect option for you.

Idea#2-Patterns Backsplash
Most of the homeowners these days are using bold patterns and geometric designs these days. The best way to create patterns backsplash is through “Art Deco Backsplash”. An art deco backsplash can give a seamless look to your kitchen, and it can also pull colours and make your kitchen look attractive.

Idea#3-Brick Backsplash
Another great idea of backsplash in 2020 is to go a bit vintage and try brick backsplash. You can easily create this rustic feel with the help of a brick veneer. It is also easier to install brick backsplash with a constructive adhesive. Veneer brick is thin enough to stick with the surface and gives a seamless look.

Idea#4-Subway tile Backsplash
It’s 2020, subway tile is still popular and widely used from residential homes to businesses. This simple, affordable, and elegant tile is still eye catching and beautiful. You can install it in a brick pattern, herringbone pattern, or pretty much any design you’d like at a fraction of the cost of majority of majority of the tiles.

Idea#5-Pressed Tin Backsplash
Don’t like any of the ideas? Well, let’s put everything aside and come up with a fantastic look with a pressed tin backsplash. A pressed tin backsplash is not only easy to install, but you can also cut them with regular scissors. Moreover, you can stick it by using an adhesive as well. Due to this reason, the pressed tin backsplash is loved by the DIYers around the world. So, try out pressed tin backsplash right now and renovate your kitchen with the unique idea in 2020.

Also, keep in mind that pressed tin is also highly resistant to water and doesn’t wear off.

Idea#6-Stone Backsplash
Stone backsplash is not only used presently, but it had been famous for centuries. One of the best reasons why a stone backsplash is popular is because it is easy to clean, doesn’t rust and doesn’t wear or tear. It also gives a luxurious look to your kitchen. The look and warmth of the stone provide a European vibe to your space which never goes old. Moreover, the stone backsplash is more comfortable to install for the DIYers.

Idea#7-Mirror Backsplash
If your kitchen is small or it looks congested, there’s nothing to worry. With a mirror backsplash, you can give a look of spaciousness and vastness to your kitchen. Not only this but mirror backsplashes are also a fantastic option for the low-lighting conditions. It can lighten up your space and give a modern touch to your kitchen. You can also customize the mirror backsplash and make space to hang tools and utensils.

Idea#8-Pegboard Backsplash
Let’s make a smart decision in 2020 and not just run after the aesthetics. A pegboard backsplash is not only inexpensive and easy to install, but it is also paintable and makes a statement. Pegboard can be used to organize your tools and utensils and allows you to organize your extra gears easily. You can paint it in stencils and soft pastels to create a vintage look to your kitchen.

Idea#9-Chalkboard Backsplash
If you love to go with unique and out of box way to decorate your home, then try using the chalkboard backsplash for your kitchen. It is a fantastic way to spice up your kitchen look and also a practical approach to saving your money. You can make your grocery list on this chalkboard, write down the daily menu, ask your guests to review the food you cooked or write down a love note for your partner before leaving home. Thus, the chalkboard is a fantastic way to upgrade your kitchen in 2020.

Idea#10-Mix and Match Backsplash
Another way to create an impressive look is to mix and match certain materials and create a texturing effect. You can mix the tiles with various other mosaic patterns such as deco art to create a perfectly stylish statement. One of the best ways to create this look is to use a thin layer of mosaic within the tiles to give a unique effect.

Idea#11-Retro Chic Backsplash
Lastly, let’s go back to the past when retro chic patterns used to be in fashion. They say everything old comes back again and the same is right for the retro-chic backsplash. It is an effortless way through which you can add appealing colours to an essential tile backsplash. Now there is 3D retro-chic design also available that is another fantastic way to create colour variations in your kitchen and makes your backsplash look luxurious.

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